Day 4

Will re type today’s post later today for some reason it didn’t save


What is your number 1 goal this year?

For me-find out what’s wrong with my walking

For tyler-to do good in school n no hitting or kicking

2nd post day 3


We had a mini photo shoot before Tyler went to bed, its not common for him to snuggle or lay this long due to sensory processing. Will check later today since its really the new year it’s 123am


What improvements are you making?

To take my meds as I’m to take them 4 times a day also to keep my moods in check n see why I keep falling and losing my balance also having a hard time walking. Also keeping Tyler in line keeping track of his behavior his meds his dr apt and schooling which we will have trouble with after having 2 weeks off.


New Years Eve day 3

  1. today is new years eve, so far its been a good day so far, just going be a relaxing day i think, just going be cleaning some, going though some bags of stuff, watching some you tube, getting things ready for work, so far today tyler has been really good, but that usally changes later in the day. have to go pick up meds so i think i might take him with me to go and do that.Ā  i hope to get his room cleaned today if not tomorrow cause i want it done before we go back to school. he wants to so badly sleep down with me but i told him untill its clean thats not going to happen. ive also been having a really hard time walking again, which makes me very scared to go out of the house at all, cause of the snow and ice. will update more later.

2nd post for day 2

  1. its been an ok day, uncle got picked up today dont know for how long. but anyway, so far today its been a ok day not sure how tyler is feeling yet today. weather so far is stable today a bit on the cool side although most people will say its cold lol. ill just try and update this post though out the day as i got more information.
  2. Tyler is having a very rough day, having lots of violent meltdowns had to restrain for a short time till he calmed down. Now he is playing with his Legos after he ate mac n cheese.
  3. Tyler turned his day around and had a good night we to bed late was still awake at 10. I got go pick up meds tomorrow and do some more nite I’ve had a lot of issues with self harming (scratching) šŸ˜¦ I’m not happy about it at all cause I was doing so good. We’ll I’m out of here for tonight I’ll be back tomorrow

Did you smile or frown more today?

I’d have to say frown I had a rough day and was down a lot also had to deal with a lot of melt downs with Tyler today.

Short post day 2

This will be a really short post. This morning I’m having a very hard time walking and even just standing without falling without using my cane. Also last night Lil man my monkey was going sleep in his Jr bunk bed  down in my BIG room  (he is on one side and I’m on the other we got it like this incase mom or dad is gone at bed time or if he just wants to sleep down here ) his room also is like a therapy room it has a swing, trampoline, big ball, and a punching thing plus all his toys.

First blog post day 1

this is my first post. Ā The title hints the most of what most entry’s will be about and I’m going to end each entry with answering a question about me. I’ll also be blogging about my other health issues and what I do in my day also about my nephew I’m helping raise that also has special needs. I’m JoJo I’m 31 I work on a special needs behavior school bus off now on for 8 yrs for my health issues I have got depression,bipolar,high blood pressure,chronic pain,obesity,intellectual disabilities, self harm, migraines.

My nephew Tyler is going be 13 Jan 17 2016. He has a lot of special needs, he was born 1 month early at 8lbs 21″long. But without any fluid left also had a bowl movement before he was born. He went to NICU after about 5 minutes in well born nursery, and spent a week in there, if he wasn’t born then he wouldn’t be here today. He has adhd, autism,Ā intellectual disabilities,bipolar, pretty much potty trained in the day but not at all at night, and has become very agressiveĀ